Monday, May 20, 2019

Miniature Pull Toy

miniature pull toy

This is my first attempt at a miniature pull toy.  I'm going to owe my children some new toy animals by the time I'm done with the ones they already have.

I glued an elephant onto a cut piece of popsicle stick and added some wooden "wheels".  I cut and glued on a piece of string for the front. 


I thought the elephant looked a little bland so I found a piece of ribbon and cut out a piece to glue on his back.

mini pull toy

I'm not certain what else to add to make him more festive looking.  Or should I just leave him as is?


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  2. Very Cute! I like the idea of the blue fabric circlet on the back of the elephant too! :D


  3. Ha quedado muy bien, quizás le quedaría bien algo más oriental ..

  4. And once more your children lack their toys - but for good reasons. Your elephant toy turned out nice and I like the idea of adding the saddle cloth, makes him look like a circus elephant.