Monday, July 5, 2021

Something New


I got a new two new room boxes to play with.

I cut this picture from a magazine.

And I picked up a few new play pretties from the dollar tree, including this clear drawer tray that I used as a shelf, erasers that look like books (a little large for my scale), and the the plastic form from some barbie dresses I got for the girls which I painted yellow (still needs another coat of paint).

And this little guy.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  Life keeps from the things I'd prefer to be doing sometimes.


  1. Es una habitación muy agradable !!!!

  2. What fun and colorful room scenes! I bet you had a lot of satisfaction setting them and and playing for a while! A mom's work never seems to be done, so these moments for ourselves are especially precious! Hope you find more of them here and there!

  3. Hi Brandy! So sorry we won't be getting together at Camp Mini Ha Ha again this year but now I get to follow you in your blog. Such a cheerful room and some really creative ideas! Big hugs! - Marilyn D.