Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Making and Finding Miniatures

diy miniature tables

I've been collecting those things that go in the center of a pizza.

miniature tables

With plans to make some tables.  Also notice the little black one in there to the side?

miniature terrarium

Remember those little clear containers I picked up at the Dollar Tree?  I made a little terrarium with one.

diy miniature bird bath

I still have some of these little candle holders I picked up at a second hand store and I put a little toy tin plate on one with plans on painting it all gray to make a bird bath.

I also got these boat material samples in the mail for free.  I plan on using the larger one for a headboard and the smaller ones, I'm thinking welcome mats maybe.

Last, I picked up this little box at a flea market for 25 cents.  It comes apart...

miniature modern side tables

Perfect for little modern side tables I think.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Diy Miniature Couch

diy miniature couch

I made a couch!  I am really happy with it even though it is on the small side.

I made it out of scraps and broken pieces.  I have a box of this stuff.  The material is a rag from the Dollar Tree that I used some of on another project.

Diy miniature couch
I also added to my birds picture.  What do you think?

Friday, December 7, 2018

Napkins Rings for Miniatures

Dollar Tree Napkin Rings

I bought these napkin rings forever ago at the Dollar Tree with plans on using them for lamp shades.  Well that didn't pan out and so they were boxed up and forgotten about until recently when I saw them and realized what they could used for.

Miniature table

miniature shelves

tall miniature shelf

Tiny tables, shelves big and small!  Very modern I think.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Diy Miniature Bunk Beds and Chair

miniature bunk beds

I made some bunk beds and just like the desk lamp I made recently, I think they're too big.  The "dog" is actually a wolf from my kids animal toys.

miniature window

I also made a window.  Well, I didn't make it, I just put an outdoor picture behind a frame I had.

miniature magazine

The magazine was cut from a catalog a long time ago...hence the NSYNC haha!

diy miniature chair

I made a bowl chair as well.  Or whatever you call those kind of chairs.

I used a little plastic glass from the Dollar Tree and half a diy ornament.

diy miniature chair

I might try and paint it later, not sure.

miniature teen bedroom

The picture on the wall is another magazine cut out.  The red lamp, I picked up at the Dollar Tree as well.  And the bedding are eye glass cleaning cloths that I picked up at...that's right, Dollar Tree!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

DIY Miniature Desk Lamp

diy desk lamp

Had an idea for making a desk lamp.  So I gathered the parts, an old paint lid, a paper clip and a game piece.

diy desk lamp

I glued them together but had to add a button and washer to balance the weight of the lid.

diy desk lamp

Then I painted it gold.  Its a bit larger than I wanted.  I may give it to my girls for their Barbie toys because I think its size suits 1:6th scale better, we'll see.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Miniature Antique Shop

miniature antique shop 

I put recently put together a little antique shop display.

miniature antique shop

And to be truthful, I think I only did it to show off some off all my pretties.

miniature shop sign

I haven't done anything permanent to the sign only because I might want to use it for a different kind of shop display later on.

miniature antique shop

As you can see, I got my oil lamp put back together but I'm not sure how long it will last.

diy miniature table

The little white table in the corner is a metal candle holder that I picked up at a flea market with a circle piece of wood on top.

miniature antique shop

The little cherub plant stand in front of the register is actually an antique.

Friday, November 30, 2018

DIY Miniatures: Oil Lamp, Candle and Jewelry Tray

diy miniature oil lamp

After scouring Pinterest for ideas for a do it yourself oil lamp, I finally settled on a plan.  One, because it was the easiest and two, because I had all the parts.

diy miniature oil lamp

The result.  I'm happy with it.

miniature desk

However, shortly after taking this picture, it fell apart.  I need to figure out a better glue.  What kind of glue do you use for tiny parts?

diy miniature jewelry tray

So I have an empty makeup tin, the kind you have left over after you've finished off the last of the blush or eye shadow.  I asked for suggestions and a cookie sheet was the most popular one.  But I wanted something different, so I tried for a jewelry tray.  However, I don't like it, so it might still end up as a cookie sheet.  What do you think?

And last but not least, a candle.

diy miniature candle

I used a couple of beads and cut the top off a birthday candle which I painted a more desirable color and glued them all together.

miniature desk

I like it and am considering making some more.

So there you have it, a day of miniature making with a couple of fails.

On another note, I've been on the search for some new miniature blogs.  If you have one, and I haven't found it on my own yet, post a link in the comments.  Thank you.