Friday, May 15, 2020

The New Wallpaper

If you remember, I mentioned some new wallpaper, or scrapbook paper, a couple of posts ago.  Well today I got to play around with some of them.

I love the rich tones of pink and green in this one.  I think this is the paper I will be using for the inside of my camper I'm working on.

I also have some new artwork that I cut out of a magazine.

I'm loving the loft feel of this last room scene I put together.

As for the camper, I'm still working on it, little by little, but my glue gun just stopped working.  Super sad face...


  1. Oh what dramatic new papers! I love them and how you've coordinated the accessories with them! I've got an extra glue gun. LMK if you'd like me to pop it in the mail for ya!

    1. I appreciate it, but I've already ordered a new one. Now playing the waiting game lol.

  2. Preciosas las nuevas escenas que has montado y el papel es espectacular, muy novedoso.Buen fin de semana