Thursday, October 31, 2019

13 Days of Halloween: Day 13

Happy Halloween!!!

My oldest daughter wanted to be a spider for Halloween.  So I made her some legs out of pipe insulation and I used zip ties to make the "joints".  Then I took some googly eyes and glued them to a head band.  

And since shared my crown creation with you, I thought I'd show you my entire finished costume.

And last, because she's just too darn cute, my youngest, a dragon.


  1. I hope you've had a wonderful Halloween - but regarding your costumes I bet you did. Your Halloween countdown was a big fun, I've enjoyed your projects. But you should put one thing on your to-do-list for next year: Halloween 2020 must see a real carved pumpkin from Brandy at the front door! *grin*


  2. I love all of the costumes! So creative and fun! And I love how you made such a celebration of the season for the whole family! You're a great momma to create these special memories and teach the girls that creativity is a fun and valuable pursuit!

  3. Hi! brandy.
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