Thursday, November 9, 2017

Playing With Minis

So I've recently made a miniature room using some scrap wood.  I plan to use it as a way to experiment and play with all my miniatures.  Below are some pictures of a scene I was playing around with.

The artwork is a picture I cut out from a magazine and mod podged to a piece of wood.  The books are cut popsicle sticks with book adverts cut to fit.  And the clock is another magazine cut out mod podged to a button.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Shelf In A Box

I've had this little box for some time now and finally decided to do something with it.  Its very small and no furniture would fit in it so I made a shelf display out of some scrap wood.  I made the books out of jumbo popsicle sticks.  The lamp was from my collection of game pieces (a chess piece to be specific).  It was a fun and quick little project.

Miniature shelf

miniature shelf

A Few Mini Projects

 I haven't been crafting miniatures much lately.  But during some de-cluttering, I got in the mood.  Here are a few small projects that I've finished.

miniature vanity

A little $Tree vanity.  

miniature nursery hutch

A hutch for a nursery.  

miniature vignette

My mother found this little display box for me at a yard sale.  I cut and stained some jumbo popsicle sticks for the flooring.  A scrap of carpet material sample for the rug.  I made the fire place out of a broken trinket box and scrap wood pieces.  The rest were items I've found here and there mostly at yard sales and 2nd hand shops.