Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Michael's Hutches

Like I said before, I have many of them.  I'm using these two in the kitchen.

The first is only half of a hutch for which I plan to use a kitchen cabinet.  I filled it with a few homemade items with printed labels.

As for the full hutch, I've filled it with all the random kitchen supplies I've collected over the last year.

I made the cake dish on the tip with a button and a gulf tee.

And as for not buying anything for this project and only using what I have or making it myself...I couldn't help myself.  I found this at a flea market for 50 cents and the colors match and its just too perfect...

Its going right about the stove.

Don't forget to click the pictures for a larger view.

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    beautiful congratulations,cris.