Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 1: Modern Room Box

Like I said in the previous post, I have many projects going right now.  Too many.  So I've decided to do one at a time and not start the next until I finish the first...I can plan for the next, just not work on it....

Most of these projects are ones I started and put away for months and haven't even looked at until recently.  There's some damage to some.  And some I just want to improve.

The carpet I had in this room was ruined by some Dr. Pepper...

New carpet.

Modern sofa

I made the sofa out of foam, felt and beads.  Its a little dusty after sitting up in my closet.

mini chair

The chair was one of those stress reliever squishy things that I painted black. 

mini desk

The computer was a Christmas ornament and the vase was the lid from a sample lipstick.

mini coffee table

The plant holder was a small candle holder from the 1$ shop and the plant was a piece from a fish tank plant.  The magazines were cut out from the back of a subscription catalog.

The chair and table were bought at the 1$ shop and the lamp base was made from a button, bead and dowel.  I haven't found a shade for it yet...and I'm terrible at making shades.

Picture frames from a bracelet I pulled apart.  I plan on finding different pictures for them.

modern roombox

Still a work in progress, but its what I have so far.  If you have any ideas or tips, please share.


  1. I think everything looks really nice so far- I love your sofa! I can't see it that well- but your window looks so cool- is it a suncatcher?

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  3. Yes it is, bought at a garage sale. I'll try and work with camera to get better pictures. Sorry.

  4. no- no- they are good pictures- I just wasn't sure because of the angle so thought I would ask :) I think it looks so pretty there :) Very clever :)