Sunday, January 6, 2013

Miniature Cabin

miniature cabin

So after I finished the last room I was in the zone and finished another shortly after.  This is my cabin.
michael's hutch
My favorite part are the tiny oil paintings I found at a flea market, as well as the little pipe, tobacco can and filters on the top shelf of the hutch.
miniature fishing pole
The pillows are those little round quilt circles stuffed with cotton.  The chairs, I got at the dollar shop and the floor is made of craft sticks.  The rug is a pot holder and the plants are fish tank plants I put in some beads I had.
miniature mouse and cheese

You can click on the pics to get a better view of the mouse and cheese in the corner.

Now that I'm getting ready for my next semester in school, it will probably be awhile before I get back to my minis.  But I'll do my best.

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  1. Greetings,
    Thank you for visiting minworks... it is always fun to follow you back to your site!
    I do understand "getting into the zone" - sometimes it is hard to come back to real life and put all that creativity for minis aside to take on other tasks.
    The little mouse and cheese is very sweet and the oil paintings were such a good find. The floor from sticks looks very appropriate for your cabin.
    Well done!
    All the best.