Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hobbies: Everyone has them.

One of my favorite hobbies happens to be miniatures.  I am still a beginner, however.  It was not too long ago that I was in the local library and saw a show case for local miniaturists' room boxes.  I was like a little kid stuck to the window of a candy store..."Ohhh, look at that!  Its so tiny..." and then following into incoherent "baby talk" babbling.  Now everything I see is a potential diy miniature for my doll rooms.

Unfortunately I know no one in my area who is as fascinated as I am and so, have no one to share this particular enjoyment with.  And that is why I've created this blog.  

I'll start off with a couple of fun questions:

What type of things do you collect for potential miniature makings? ex: beads, toothpaste caps, etc.

How many miniature projects do you typically have going at one time?  I have five : /  (I'll explain in the next post...)


  1. Hi Brandy Rose! I saw your comment to Doreen and since I saw you were new to blogging about minis I would come over and say hello! Nice to meet you :) I think I save waaaay too much for minis now- and worse yet- my hubby is doing it too :) I always look at packaging differently now. I have 4 dollhouses in progress and 2 roomboxes- it gets a little addicting :) I can't wait to hear more about your projects!

  2. Hi Brandy. Welcome to the wonderful world of miniatures and blogging. You will be surprosed how quickly they both grow. I save everything as you might have noticed in some of my blog posts. I make my own things from scraps and throwaways. Toothpicks, caps and lids from all kinds of containers, bits of material, lace, ribbon, beads, buttons, twist ties, popsicle sticks - the list is endless. I even have my children saving all kinds of things for me. LOL I have three "junk drawers" that I toss everything in - just in case. Any questions - don't hesitate to ask. I also have no one near me to share the hobby with but I have found many miniature friends on line that have helped me.

  3. Hi Brandy! And welcome to Blogland.... lol.. You will never look at trash the same way again! I save everything... from pretty wrapping paper, to bottle caps.... And once everyone around you knows you collect 'trash', they'll start saving things, too... They're a lot of wonderful blogs out there too that have lots of tutorials:)

    And as far as how many projects... I'm not too sure, I do know I need to get a lot 'finished'! Most of my 'houses' are almost done, just need those little final touches... But that's not to say that I don't have a million more

    Thank-you for stopping by my blog! You were right about being productive... lol... I think sometimes you don't really stop to think about all the little things that one does in a day....