Sunday, February 9, 2014

The "Collection"

Here is why I am only using what I have for the next few projects.  Because I have Way Too Much!

The craft zone.  Unfortunately unusable at the moment.

I have about a dozen of these containers that I put all my mini accessories in.

My next project will be some kind of wizard's tower and once again I'll be using only what I already have.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Finished! Modern Dollhouse

modern dollhouse
Let's start with the living room:

diy mini lamp and mini side table
 The pictures are either print offs or magazine clips.  I had the 2 smaller frames and made the larger frame from some painted sticks.  The lamp is made from a perfume lid, a bead and a wooden game piece.  and the side table is from a napkin holder and a scrap book thing I had from the sale bin at Michaels about a year ago.  The chair I had from my collection and painted it.
 I had a collection of elephants without even realizing it until I started digging through my stuff, so there is at least one elephant in each room of this house. 
diy mini speakers and dvd player
 I made the speakers with building blocks, some large buttons painted silver and some black felt.  The dvd player is just another block painted with a print off glued on it.  The tv is a fridge magnet.
diy mini couch
 The couch is made from some wood scraps and the pillow is from  my bag of quilting extras.
diy mini remote
I also printed of a remote for the dvd player and glued it to some black card stock.  And the rug was some left over material my sister in law gave me.

diy mini cabinets
 The cabinets are more building blocks with bobbie pin handles.  The fridge and taller cabinet I had in my collection and painted.  The trash can was another lid and all the other accessories I found in my collection.

If you click on the images you can see a larger view and that the picture on the wall are more elephants.  The flooring was from my scrap book stuff.

Now the bathroom:

diy mini shower
 All the accessories and furniture were from my collection.  The sink is a jewelry piece.  And the trash can is a thimble.
 The picture was a magazine clip and the tiles I had from a hot plate I broke.  And the shower head was from a smaller scale street lamp I had.
The mat is the back of a picture frame.  And there is a mini elephant on the sink.

Last, the bedroom:

diy mini computer
 The computer screen and key board were print offs that I glued to some card stock.  The rugs were from that left over material.  The desk and dresser I had from my collection and painted.
diy mini lamp
Click to get a larger view of the mini silver elephant and the picture of the elephant which was another magazine clip in a charm bracelet frame.  The lamp is a bead and game piece painted silver and the shade is the end of a door stop.  The side table is from that thing the put in the center of a pizza with some black card stock on top. 

Hope you enjoyed this, I'm just glad to finally have it finished.  Next blog will show you what I mean by my "collection" and why I'm trying to use only what I have and not make any more purchases until I've lessened the "collection" a bit more.