Monday, April 15, 2013

Modern Kitchen Roombox

I recently bought 3 drawers at a yard sale for 50 cents each!  Perfect for miniature roomboxes!  I was so excited that I already finished one room, have started on another and have plans for the last!

Here is the first one.  A modern kitchen roombox:

miniature kitchen roombox

My goal for these roomboxes is to only use what I already have and not make any new purchases in order to furnish or decorate them, being that I have so many supplies now that my craft area is overflowing...

So for this one, I had the kitchen sink and stove for a few years now.  I had made the work bench myself for another project but decided not to use it then.  and the shelf was from the Dollar Tree and once had mini candles in it.  And the floor is cork board scrapbook paper.

miniature modern kitchen
The chalk board was some scrapbook cards I had picked up awhile back.  The white crate was from a broken Christmas ornament.  The basket/trashcan was a toothpick holder that I bought as a pack of 3 from the Dollar Tree about a month ago. 

miniature modern kitchen
Most of the accessories are items I've had for awhile now.  The jar containers are also from the Dollar Tree and were part of a nail polish kit.  I refilled them with some out dated coffee grounds and seasonings and replaced the caps with metal paper clips.  The 2 smaller jars are clear beads with smaller metal paper clips.

diy miniature modern kitchen

The utensil holder was a piece of a child's earring holder painted black.  I made the white pot out of a soda cap, a 25 cent toy machine cap, some wire and a bead.  And as for the sign, I found it at a flea market for 50 cents about 2 years ago and am excited that I finally get to use it.

As for the next roombox.  It will be My Little Angel Nursery.

miniature angels
 I plan on using these little angels for a crib mobile.
diy miniature crib
 I don't have a crib, and since I'm trying to use only what I already have for these roomboxes, I'm going to attempt to make my own.
nursery roombox

Here are some of the accessories I've come across in my stuff to use for this one.

I'll post pictures of the nursery as soon as it is finished.  And as for the last roombox.  I'm planning a lady's country style bedroom with

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  1. Hi Brandy Rose! This is an exciting and challenging little project. I love that white pot you made with the toothpaste cap. Also the jars and using the toothpick container as a trash can. Plus all the other little things you made. It's very interesting to see someone using their imagination and using things they have around the house. You're very good at it. Now I'm very much looking forward to seeing your little nursery and your red bedroom. How exciting!